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Medicleantec - a product for all situations 

With the Micro Cleaner you can clean all surfaces and problem areas quickly, thoroughly and hygienically. Its compact size and versatile accessories make it ideal for use in a wide variety of areas. We would be pleased to provide an overview of the various industries that have successfully converted to the Green Cleaning Concept.

Your advantages at a glance

  • 100% ecological - no detergents - no residues
  • 30 to 50% time saving - dirt is easy and quick to remove
  • 100% hygienic - no breeding ground for germs, bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Easy to use - work made easier
  • Protection for surfaces and furniture
  • No costs for chemical cleaning agents
  • 95% water saving
  • Health protection for users, customers, guests, patients,...
  • 100% environmental protection - no toxic waste water
  • Work safety - no ladders, no bending, better ergonomics
  • Sustainable elimination of unpleasant odours
  • Highest standard of hygiene through heat-related reduction of pathogens

Public Health

The Micro Cleaner is particularly effective in medical practices, as the particularly hot micro dry steam cleans all surfaces, for example of equipment, treatment couches, toilets, walls, furniture,...right down to the floors, in a particularly hygienic manner, removes germs from the culture medium and also has a very strong germ-reducing effect due to the heat.
In hospitals all areas and surfaces can be cleaned very efficiently, quickly and lastingly with the extremely flexible Medicleantec Micro Cleaner. The surfaces are quickly reusable due to the very dry MiKro dry steam cleaning. Mattresses, furniture, appliances, walls, ceilings, windows and work surfaces are treated just as gently as plastic, wooden or carpet floors, tiles including joints, leather, glass, silicones, seals, etc.

Shops and supermarkets

Shelves, refrigeration units, display cases, walls, ceilings, displays, windows and all types of floors can be cleaned particularly quickly, easily and significantly cleaner and, above all, without leaving any residues, using the Micro Cleaner. Wherever food is handled, the high germ reduction and cleaning performance down to the last joint and crack is particularly appreciated. Climbing ladders and tedious bending is also a thing of the past, so cleaning without chemicals is not only much healthier in terms of allergies, but also ergonomically.

Hotel industry

On the one hand, the particularly gentle micro dry steam is ideal for dusting and gently cleaning sensitive furnishings, furniture, curtains, lampshades, walls and ceilings, and on the other hand, it is also suitable for cleaning all rooms, tiles, floors (laminate, wooden, stone, tiled and carpeted floors, ...) pore-deep and effectively hygienically clean down to the last joint. Sanitary facilities are also quickly and easily cleaned of germs, dirt and residues.

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Ambulance and transport

The MicroCleaner is the most powerful micro dry steam power package in the smallest space and is therefore also ideal for use in vehicles or can go anywhere with its extra long hose - right down to the last cracks and joints - and clean even there without leaving any residue and deep into the pores. Germs no longer have a chance without culture mediums and against this heat.

Large kitchens and catering

Especially where food is processed, the hygienic cleanliness and high reduction of germs is highly appreciated by the Micro Cleaner and also recommended by the Federal Association of German Food Inspectors. Especially walls, ceilings, work surfaces, cooling equipment, floors and appliances can be cleaned quickly and easily, down to the smallest cracks and joints, and without leaving any residue. Electronics, seals and sensitive surfaces are protected.

Retirement homes, schools and kindergartens

Sustainable chemical-free cleaning in terms of health and environmental protection is also very popular in municipal areas. On all furniture, walls, ceilings and floors, the surfaces are not only cleaned down to the last cracks, but also mould and germs are reduced to a high degree without negative side effects. Unpleasant odours are also removed as a cause.

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Car and boat preparation

Whether outside or inside - with micro dry steam a car, bike or boat is cleaned quickly, gently and lastingly intensively, saving not only chemicals but also an enormous amount of water. This means that you can clean everywhere - even in the open air or on water - without hesitation and in an environmentally friendly manner. The smell in the interior remains neutrally fresh and pleasant, and the pollution of the respiratory tract with toxic fumes is eliminated!

Food production and mechanical industry

Our industrial dry steam products are available in various sizes and capacities (2.45 KW to over 40 KW electricity or diesel), even individually adapted and equipped for special requirements. This enables us to offer specific solutions for cleaning problems on various surfaces and on equipment for industrial companies. This removes the culture medium from the germs and achieves a high germ reduction through the enormous heat effect, and also prevents the formation of resistance.

SPA and Wellness

For large areas, micro dry steam vacuuming is recommended, which saves you time and water. Thus, the germs are fought and no more chemical residues are produced, which are increasingly difficult to remove and also change the pH value of the water negatively.

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