Pioneering work from Medicleantec

The Medicleantec Micro Cleaner is a high performance heat cleaning device and works with saturated, very dry micro steam, which was developed for industrial purposes and so far only used there. We are the only ones who could bring this industrial quality into a handy format. This means that you too can now bring residue-free, hygienic cleanliness to all areas of your business. Medicleantec differs significantly from conventional steam cleaners - it is characterized above all by first-class quality and workmanship, long life and maximum performance in pressure and heat.

The relation between pressure and heat can be read from the physical table; you can download it by clicking on the image.

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The efficiency of micro dry steam

  • During conventional cleaning, surfactants and dirt remain in the pores. Surfaces can never become completely clean and the usual residues lead to faster soiling, because the dirt adheres better to them.
  • The Medicleantec Micro Cleaner works with dry micro dry steam, which is generated with a patented technology proven in the industry. Decisive advantages of this very hot and dry steam are the pore-deep cleaning by smallest water vapour molecules, and thus the streak-free cleaning and quick drying of all materials. The heat of the micro dry steam also provides a disinfecting effect.

What is the difference between Medicleantec and conventional steam cleaners that you may have already tried?

Conventional steam cleaners are not powerful enough to clean really efficiently and also have a water content of up to 40% in the steam due to insufficient pressure and heat, which means that only very hard and resistant materials can be freed from light soiling, but not sensitive materials, as the surface of these materials can be damaged by hot water (textiles, leather, plastics, silicones, joints, etc.) and they cannot tolerate too much moisture (parquet, leather, etc.).

The micro dry steam in our Thermocleaner only has a water content of approx. 5-8 percent. This is achieved through temperatures of over 180 ° Celsius directly on the heating element. With this high-quality steam, consisting of the tiniest steam molecules (no water droplets), even sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets, leather, wood and plastics can be cleaned effortlessly and lastingly. The materials are then dry again in a very short time. 

Unique product features

Several expert opinions and validation reports from Austrian experts and from German laboratories confirm the unique performance and the enormous advantages in terms of efficient cleaning, high germ reduction, time saving, ergonomics, occupational health and safety!

But what exactly is it that makes Medicleantec so uniquely effective and durable, and thus optimal for 24-hour use in commercial enterprises?
We achieve these characteristics with 3 patents that guarantee 24-hour operation:

  • Patented steam boiler made of stainless steel (special welding process, tested to 70 bar pressure, no more sealing rings required)
  • Patented, self-decalcifying heating element made of stainless steel, removable, 4 times the power of spiral heaters: 28W/cm2 (in comparison: standard heating elements - 7W/cm2), no direct contact of the heating element with water, therefore maximum, constant heating power.
  • Patented "True Temp Technology" with self-descaling electromechanical probe for continuous high steam temperature and an automatic refill system for permanent operation
The green cleaning revolution!